How do i Cool my PNY 9800GT


May 29, 2009
hello there,
i'm worried if my PSU is too hot. on idle, the PSU is at 60*C always. when loading a game and it is at maxium load it's about 90*C.
i have one of those crappy SS Fansink coolers so i thought about buying a 3rd party, but then i heard that it destroys ur Warenty. this card cost me £100, which is quiete alot to me, so i don't want it breaking down soon and i can't get it repaired.
So then i thought about software. i then installed EVGA fan cooler Controller, and no luck. the fans power up for 3 seconds until they reach 60% then go back to the 50% Velocity again, and nothing changes?.
i think it mite me down to my PSU. i have 550 Watt Hec (i know i need a new one). and when the Fans need to go faster, they need more power. when playing cryrsis WARHEAD, the card reaches past 90*C, but the fans are only 70% velocity, and the GPU becomes Glitchy and slow.

i kinda think it's down to to my Crappy fans and sensors on the GPU, but i can't do anything about that. then again, my PSU is pretty low to power one 9800GT a 2.7GHz AMD Black Edition CPU, a 2700MHz 250 Maxor HDD, a Jeantech aqua Case and a disk drive.

what do you think i should Do?
No, the problem is not with the PSU, it is just your GPU's sucky cooler.
If you can live with the noise, use Rivatuner to permanently jack the fan speed up to 100%.
This should give you significantly lower temps.

Just so you know, 90°c load is an acceptable (but still warm) temp for a GPU.
These things are designed to run when very hot.
For example, your G92b is designed to run at a Maximum of 105°c before having any issues.