How do i disable my computers fan/lights?



I went into my BIOS and i could not find anyways to turn off the lights and fan, also i was not sure which plug i needed to disconnect for this to happen, can i get some help?

Unplug the computer power cord - I can't see if it is unplugged in your picture. Trace the fan's red and black wires to the white-colored nylon connector. Pull that connector from its connection. Fan is now removed.

But you probably need that fan, or another the same size (it looks like it 120mm x 25mm) to exhaust heat from the inside of the case. Vacuum, or use a new, unused clean natural bristle paint brush to remove the dust and lint from the back of the case where the fan was. Then get another fan that doesn't have the lights you don't want, and install it so it blows the air out the back of the case.