Question How do I do a clean install of windows that already has windows installed?

Apr 8, 2019
HI All,

So I am having a slight problem with my new M.2 drive that I just recently bought.

The problem:
I bought a new M.2 and installed windows, however, I forgot to unplug the old SSD whilst I was installing the new windows and thus not creating a boot partition on the new M.2.

Now I would like to know how to uninstall windows and do a clean install. I understand that I could just format the drive and then re-install it using a USB with the boot media on it but I just want some clarity on this. Do I format the drive and then reinstall windows as I said earlier or can I do that without having to format the drive?

Also, I understand I need to keep the old drive unplugged whilst I am doing this in order for it to create a boot partition but is there possibly another way to create a boot partition on the new M.2 without having to reinstall windows?

Thank you