Question How do I downgrade BIOS on Razer Blade Laptop (can't do it with a .bin file)?


Apr 28, 2019
I have a Razer Blade 15" (2019) Advanced that has an AMI (American Megatrends) BIOS that I'm trying to downgrade because of some USB port issues. Downgrades using only Razer's provided BIOS updaters are not possible, so I have to resort to other procedures. There are guides on how to flash this BIOS but they require a .rom file which Razer's BIOS updater doesn't have. These are the files that the updater contains when extracted: View:

So the clearest procedure that I've found is to get an application called afuwingui.exe (the one I got was from, an application called Aptio V that contains an executable AFUWINGUIx64.EXE. Please confirm that this is the right one for the task) and with this, flash the BIOS using a .rom file. However, as I said above, I have no .rom file.
There's this reddit post (Click here to see reddit post) that suggests that the file Charlotte2_0104.bin inside the Razer BIOS updater contains the BIOS image. Also, the AFUWINGUIx64.EXE that I have has an option to use a .bin file for flashing. Is it safe to use Charlotte2_0104.bin for this?

If there is another procedure that can accomplish the same thing, please enlighten me.

I apologize if this may seem like dumb question to ask, but I just need to be extra cautious so as to not brick my system. I would've tried any procedure that I find on the internet if I encountered no complications in these procedures, and if there were no grave consequences.
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