Question How do I drain my loop without compromising my pump?

Sep 17, 2018

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I have a few question's that the community might be able to help me with. First being my loop. I'm a greenhorn when it comes to this fancy water/liquid cooling stuff lol. With that said I was wondering if someone could walk me through draining my loop. I've watched Jayz video on draining loops, I understand the just of it, but he says to never completely drain the loop as it could burn out the pump. And.. well.. I don't typically want to do that as you could guess lol. Reason why I want to completely drain the loop is because I bought this system pre built and the guys who put it together used soft tubing. In any other circumstance I wouldn't have a problem with it, but with my case I have a top mounted 360 mill rad and on the exhaust side of the case I have a 120 mill rad one feeding the processor, the other feeding the 1080ti.

Again, I'm new to the water/liquid cooling world so bare with me. But when I look at the loop there's one straight tube going from the bottom of the rez to the inlet (I'm assuming) of the 360 mill rad. Than the exit on the 360 mill rad feeds the inlet on the waterblock to the cpu. the exit on the waterblock to the cpu than feeds the inlet to the 120 mill rad, the exit than feeds the inlet to the 1080 ti, than the exit from the gpu cycles back to the rez. With that said All of this is fitted into a full ATX case the exit from the waterblock on my processor feeding into the inlet on the 120 mill rad that tube is (and I kid you not) less than a millimetre from touching a fan on the top mounted 360 mill rad. So in the summer when the heat rises the tubing expands and it starts to rub against said fan.

This is why I'm asking the community for guidance and assistance to draining my loop. Because I want to drain it and swap out the soft tubing for clear hard tubing and because I want to drain the colored liquid that's in it for distilled water. I should mention that I DO have a jumper from my power supply.

**P.S I know I need to clean my pc. lol

- XSPC full liquid/water cooled loop.
-Deepcool Genome GamerStorm II (case)
-ASUS ROG Maximus IX Code (Mobo)
-i7 7700k
- GIGABYTE Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme Edition 11G GDDR5X (GV-N108TAORUSX WB-11GD)
-Seasonic 1200 watt power supply


Feb 11, 2017
I agree with Rember the 5 ,you need to put som drains in your loop,as low as possible,I put a stop valve on the radiator inlet/outlet so I dont loose /drain the water in radiators.I put my drains on the discarge side of the gpu and cpu.
Why are you afraid for your pump? When you start your pump you fill up the res before you start and have å bottle ready to fill the res when needed.
Get som low point drains and use the jumper you have, you cant refil as fast as the res goes lower when you start the pump switch of psu and refill,continue until steady level and disconnect jumper and connect to up as you normaly do.
understand you have one loop,and no drains,,then you have to open the loop at the lowest point,if yo have some slack in your tubing you use that slack to bring the tubing out of the case, have a bucket ready out side the case
press on the hose so you get it like a U ,cut the U and drain the water in the bucket.Remember to open the filling cap on the res,if not you will pull a vacum and the water will not run after a time.
The amount of water is not alot, max 05,-1.0 Liters
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