[SOLVED] How do I find out if a laptops motherboard is compatible with GPU upgrade?

Nov 24, 2020
When I bought my laptop it was with the idea to be able to upgrade it later down the line. I both it at the beginning of 2018 with pretty much the lowest specs hardware I could. It came with 8gb ddr3 ram, 1tb HDD, gtx1060 and i7-7700 HQ 2.8-3.8GHz, 45W, 6MB Cache.
Over the last two years I've bought a 970 Evo plus to boot and hold my programs, then upgraded to 2x16GB ram 3200MHz, slowly scouting the cheapest prices. Recently I've felt like I'd like to upgrade the GPU on it as I paid £250 extra for a 120Hz 3K screen originally, and my GPU doesn't really play games to that capacity. I know my machine is able to use a gtx1070 as it was a featured upgrade when I originally bought the laptop, but i'd like to know how i'd find out if my motherboard supports a gtx1080 and I'd like to know if y'all think the current CPU would throttle and render a more powerful GPU useless. Also would my power supply become a problem with all this new hardware?
Being a "featured upgrade" does not always mean "user changeable".
RAM and storage are almost always user changeable. GPU, not so much.

Ask the manufacturer. I'm guessing the answer will be No.


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