How do I fix my computer?


May 22, 2015
Today all of a sudden my computer just froze. I was watching a YouTube video and the screen just stopped updating. I had sound but all my inputs just stopped responding. I couldn't go to task manager and shut down YouTube or move the mouse.
I've since re seated all my components to no avail. My computer starts up runs the bios where I can use the keyboard and mouse, the Windows logo comes on with the moving circle. Then once that's loaded normally the desktop will show and I'll be able to access the computer. I get nothing but a black screen, where nothing works. I know this cause the lights on my keyboard turn off and the mouse lights don't come on either and the monitor shuts down cause there is no input.

My ultimate question is, is it the motherboard that is failing or the graphics card. The motherboard is only 4years old and I have a 5yr warranty on it so that's a plus. The graphics card, that's older, not sure on its actual age but it'd say 6 or 7 years.

The bios is starting up so I guess it's not the motherboard, then the screen cuts out and nothing displays so then the problem may be the graphics card but then no inputs are recognised so then the problem is the motherboard.

Any help would be appreciated.