How do I fix my drone/Quadcopter?

Apr 11, 2017
So I bought a quadcopter/drone.It's the BR6803 from Borong=

The right fan in the front(orange)stopped working.I opened and checked ALL the connections on the motor,but there was no sign of damage.Then I checked the brains of the drone (The reciever or whatever in the middle of the drone) and I found out that the connector of the fan(that wasn't working) is the problem.I swapped it for one of the other fans and it worked fine.I need help.
So, you're saying that the propeller that wasn't working works when plugged into another connector on the circuit board, or is it the other way around, and another propeller works when attached to that connector?

Also, what was happening just before it quit working? Was it involved in a hard landing, or were you doing something like adjusting the trim adjustments on the transmitter, or did it just seem to occur randomly? Also, does that propeller spin at all when applying the throttle? And if you manually spin the blades with your fingers, do they all seem to spin freely, or get stuck at any point?