Question How do I fix my mouse from freezing while gaming.

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Jun 20, 2022
It seems to be getting disconnected and then immediately reconnected. I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU.

Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8-Core Processor 3.40 GHz
Installed RAM 16.0 GB
GFX Card AMD Ryzen 580
Windows 10
Wired Redragon Mouse M901

When the mouse pauses it lasts for only about a second. I sometimes hear the windows sound when you disconnect a device. Not always.
I have tried:
Reinstalling mouse drivers.
Reinstalling USB Hub drivers
Updating mouse drivers
My USB Hubs are not allowed to be turned off by the computer to save power.
USB Selective Suspend setting is Disabled
Computer is set to Never sleep
Monitor is set to never sleep
Changing which USB port is being used

Mouse was working perfectly before I updated the motherboard and CPU
Mouse works perfectly on other computers
Keyboard and other devices have 0 problems as far as I can tell (Audio never cuts out, keyboard is still responsive when mouse isn't working, mic still works too (can talk in discord while mouse isn't working))

I have only noticed it while playing video games. Doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't happen other times, I just haven't noticed it.

This is an example of it happening while playing Fallout: New Vegas. The issue is NOT exclusive to a certain video game. It happens while playing any of them.
Apr 16, 2022
No, it does not happen with the other mouse that I have tried
So you are saying it only happens with 1 mouse? If yes, then the problem is the mouse itself, does it stay frozen after you exit? Try leaving your mouse with a simple application like device manager open and have the mouse drivers shown and wait the same time it takes to freeze while inside a game, if it doesnt work, try opening a game with it and tab out for the same period of time. If it freezes check the drivers if they are all functioning or if windows stopped them.
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