[SOLVED] how do i get rid of the microsoft piracy message


Jul 3, 2016
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OK so first let me say I don't approve of using any pirated/bootlegged software !
A 20 yr old family friend has phoned me and asked me for help , he bought a pc from a so called student friend , the guy had built it himself and because my friend is a pc noob he did not find out the copy of windows 7 was a pirated copy until it was too late.
This is the problem he now has , when he turns the pc on he says he gets a message on screen saying he is not running a legit copy of windows 7 , I have not seen the message myself so I don't know the exact wording of it but he tells me that once he has taken the message off screen he can use the pc , I have several questions that I hope somebody can answer.
Is it possible to stop the warning message appearing. What is the correct phone number to report a bootleg software seller. Does the scheme to surrender a fake keycode and get Microsoft to give you a replacement keycode ( a thank you for reporting it ) still exist.
NOTE I know that some sort of keycode replacement exists because I have read post where some users have reported that if you replace a motherboard your genuine copy of windows wont work because it will have some how been electronically tagged to the previous motherboard during its installation.


If your friend has the product key for Windows 7, Go Here and test it out. If it turns up legit, download the clean ISO from Microsoft and use that to reinstall Windows. If it's not legit, he'll need to purchase a legitimate Windows license and install.

As an alternative, your friend could download Windows 10 direct from Microsoft and run it without activation. Doing so prevents customization of the desktop, but it's perfectly functional in all other ways (and it's legal).

-Wolf sends