Question How do I go about buying Windows 10 Pro 64-bit?


Jan 19, 2015
Hello everybody, this is a dumb question but I need help.

I am looking to upgrade to Windows 10 64-bit or just do a clean install. When I search online to buy a copy, there seems to be many different variations and I don't quite understand what they mean. Some places offer a digital key such as microsoft store, but then I am wondering how would I be able to boot up the ISO in the first place? Would they offer the ISO and I can just place the files onto a usb drive? Then when given the prompt, I enter the product key? Or am I better off buying a physical copy of Windows 10 Pro that comes with the usb or disc drive. Sorry that I'm a bit confused on this.

What's the best place and format to buy a copy of Windows 10 Pro? Another thing, say I were to upgrade my hardware such as the motherboard, would I still be able to use Windows 10 with a new motherboard or do I have to buy another one?


Win 10 Master
Are you on windows 10 now?

If you buy a digital copy from Microsoft, they likely provide you with a link to the the Windows 10 media creation tool which you can use to make a USB or DVD

The installer is free, its the license that is valuable

I think digital copy is better choice as you don't know when a USB/DVD was created and it could be a 4 year old version of WIn 10.

If you buy off Microsoft it should be a retail version of win 10 and you can move it to a new Motherboard at a later time