Question How do I increase HT Link voltages in AM3+ ASUS motherboards?


Apr 11, 2016
Hello there, I use an FX-8350 with ASUS Crosshair V Formula Motherboard and I want to increase the HT Link speed. How do I go about increasing the voltage? I’ve searched around the BIOS and I’m stuck on this last part to overclock as I don’t see any voltage to tweak in regards to HT Link. I’ve looked around and I only see values for RAM, CPU/NB and CPU voltages but never for HT Link. At a loss here. Any advice on how to adjust voltages for HT Link on this motherboard?

I’ve already OC’d the CPU to 4.6ghz, my cpu/nb at 2600mhz and ram at 2133mhz. The only thing left to OC is HT Link as I want that to match the CPU/NB speeds as I’ve read it gives you better performance if you can match those two together. Unfortunately, increasing the speed of HT Link to 2600 mhz from the default of 2200mhz gives me stability issues and I cannot proceed from this last part as I don’t know which voltage to adjust for HT Link as I don’t see any HT Link voltage fields to adjust.


-CPU: FX 8350
-Motherboard: 990fx ASUS Crosshair V Formula
-RAM:1866Mhz 2x8gb HyperX

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks