How do i install a new power supply in my dell 530s


Sep 21, 2012
where do the p6, p3 and the rest of the wires plug in on the main board of my dell 530S. New power supply did not come with insructions.
Without knowing which PSU or which motherboard, generally speaking there will be two places that the PSU connects to the motherboard.

One will be a big fat connector that is 2 rows of 12 pins. You will have either a connector with 2 rows of 10 and another one on the same wire with 2 rows of 2 that goes into this or one with 2 rows of 12. Most likely the former sort.

If your PSU only has one with 2x10 and there is no other connector on the same wire, you should get a different PSU.

Second, there will be a port close to where the CPU is that is either 2x2 or 2x4. There will be a connector on the PSU that is either 2 sets of 2x2 on the same wire (most likely) or a single connector that is 2x4 (less likely) or a single connector that is 2x2 (still less likely). That is where you plug that in.

If either one of those connectors doesn't have all its pins filled, then you need a different PSU. Old PSUs have smaller connectors and might not fill up all the slots on a newer computer and that could damage hardware if you leave them without all the slots filled.