How do I install an aftermarket gpu cooler?


Apr 4, 2018
I've installed 4 of them in the past. 2 Nvidia GTX 470'S AND 2 AMD HD 7970'S. They are great aftermarket fans. Nearly dead silent and they dropped GPU temps. (Few pics from the GTX 470's I had)

Your best bet is to search YouTube for some how to video. It isn't hard to do, just be patient and take your time.

FYI: You don't exactly have to find a GTX 1060 how to video. The majority of these fan kits all install nearly the same way over the last 5-6 years.
boot into safe mode with ddu uninstall the nvidia drivers and reboot. make sure at post the gpu fans come on. if the fans dont spin up use msi after burner see if they spin up and hold. if they wont see if the card under warranty. it may not be the fans but the controller on the card and replacing the fans may not work to fix your error.

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