Question How do i install my windows 10 pro OS onto a new SSD without the windows 10 cd

May 22, 2020
I want to change my 1 TB HDD with Wind 10 pro installed for a new SSD for performance reasons. I know what SSD i want to get and ive made sure its compatible wiht my motherboard and all of that. i get how to physically install the drive but im seeing mixed instructions for installing the OS after the drive has been put into my pc, there doesn't seem to be any certain tutorials on how to install without a cd at hand. Any helps will be much appreciated as im not very experienced with this side of my computer. I have changed out my graphics card and power supply so i get the gist on how to go about upgrading parts but this topic specifically, i havent had any experience in.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
Do you have new SSD already? What model? What capacity?
How much is used space on your HDD?

If all data on HDD can fit onto SSD, then you can perform cloning. Use Macrium Reflect.
Use solution in post #7 from this topic

If your new SSD is not large enough for cloning then perform clean install.
Note - have only single drive connected, while you perform install. This is important or windows on new drive will be able to boot only with both drives connected.