how do i install programs in 64 bit vista?


Oct 6, 2008
i just installed vista 64 for the first time yesterday and i am a bit puzzeled about how to install softwares.

i started off installing a number of softwares without looking.
so far

nvidia drivers
gigabyte drivers

acrobat and a few small programs like that.

every program i installed is now listed in -program files x86- so i understand its instaled in 32 form.
i also understand that , if possible, i should install 64 versions of drivers and programs if i find such, but....
here is what i dont understand:
i know for a fact the gigabyte drivers are 64 and 32 complaint(same driver for both), so, how do i install it in 64? does the windows know by itself? or i have to make it install 64 and not 32 (and how do i do that if so).
and in the case of nvidia drivers there -are- different drivers for 64 and 32, if i install the 64 will windows know by itself its 64 or i have to make it install in 64 program files?

and does it matter if a program is installed in x86 (32 bit) form and works ok? (small programs like winamp and such)

thank you ,people


Dec 10, 2008
Programs likely winamp will be listed in the x86. I don't think there is 64bit winamp. This is the case with smaller programs and even with games and other stuff that is not 64bit.

For the drivers you have to download the 64bit versions and just install the as usual. If you go, for example, nVidia site, you can chose what OS you want the drivers for (Vista 64bit). This should be the case with all drivers. Now, whether they will be stored in x86 or regular Program files I'm not sure, but you need to download them.

So if a program is listed in the Program Files x86 it is OK, and there is no problem. I also do not know any difference in installing 32 or 64 bit versions of programs. If they support 64bit, they will automatically install as 64bit.
Very few programs have 64 bit versions. The new Photoshop is one exception. 32 bit apps install and run in Vista 64 exactly as they do in a 32 bit OS - it's automatic. They install in program files (x86) and if you find some 64 bit apps they should install in program files.

Some apps requiring low level type access such as security software and emulators for example may possible come in 64 bit versions which you are requiered to use but I think this is because they have a driver like component to them


Aug 1, 2009

I have a question: What about installing installing Office Small Business on Vista 64? I am having major problems having the installation complete itself? Thanks!


Aug 1, 2009
That should work instantly assuming the system is in order. If it's not, try contacting tech support... Could happen that earlier version fail to work, but it unlikely. Your best bet it TS.