Question How do I install the Corsair ML120 PRO RGB Fans?

Sep 16, 2019
I am pretty new to case fans. So I'm asking how to install the corsair ml120 pro fans? My motherboard is the Asus Z170 -P ATX.
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May 22, 2016
What do you trying install your fans to ? If it's a case can you please write your case model and if it's a radiator or cooling fan radiator please write it.
Just to check, you do actually have the ML120 PRO RGB models, right? There are other models with similar names bu not the full RGB feature. Also, how many fans? Did you buy a 3-pack that includes two little boxes, the Corsair Lighting Node Pro plus the Corsair RGB Fan Led Hub? Or, did you get only fans?

Any RGB fan really is two devices in one unit - a fan motor, and some lights in the frame. Each has a separate connection cable to go to different places. For your fans, the MOTOR is of the newer 4-pin PWM type, and those fan connectors (the amleer ones with 4 hoes and two ridges down one side) go to mobo CHA_FAN headers, of which you have three. If that is all the case vent fans you have, the motors are no problem IF you are uisng them for case ventilation. If you are using them, instead, for a radiator or something, the situation is different. Just check that each of these headers is set in BIOS Setup to use the newer PWM Mode.

Each fan also has a cable with a larger connector with 4 holes to power and control the lights. This requires a controller. Your mobo does not have a controller built in and with an output header, so you need a separate box for this. The Corsair system does this with two boxes, actually. Their Lighting Node Pro has a cable that must plug into a SATA power output connector from the PSU and a cable to connect to a mobo USB2 header. Then it has an output cable, and this plugs into the input if a second box, the RGB Fan LED Hub. This carries the control signal to the Hub for distribution to the RGB cables from each of the fans. The Hub also requires its own connection to a SATA power output from the PSU. Then you download and install the iCue software utility from Corsair. It uses that USB2 cable connection to communicate with the Lighting Node Pro, and that's how you set it all up and change it. If you bought the fans in the 3-pack that included those two Corsair boxes, then you have all you need.