Question How do I install Windows 10 on M.2?

Oct 13, 2020
Hello, I have now tried and failed to install Windows 10 on my new M.2 for maybe 4-5 hours and I have no idea how to fix it. I successfully installed it and can find it as a disk but it's the windows installation process that is failing.

I've got the Windows installation media on a usb, I've got only the M.2 plugged in and also only essential usb devices (keyboard, mouse and one monitor). The windows installation completes up to the first reboot at which point we have tried removing the usb to prevent it from looping. However, when the PC reboots it goes straight to BIOS and even selecting the M.2 in the boot section yields the same results.

Here's a list of what we've tried:
  1. Double-checked all the BIOS settings are correct (set to M.2 and launches to UEFI)
  2. Tried reinstalling the Windows installation media from a second computer
  3. Cleaned and converted the M.2 to GPT through the command prompt in the installer
  4. Resetting BIOS settings to default and reapplying the needed settings
Motherboard is Asus Maximus VII Gene and the M.2 is Western Digital Blue SN550 Pcie NVMe 500 GB

Any advice is really appreciated cause I am going insane and want to play WoW!