Question How do I know if my RX570 is dead

Mar 31, 2020
My setup has been working for 3 months. Yesterday I was playing total war when my pc crashed. At this point my pc no longer boots but the cooler and the psu is still spinning. The rx570 spins for a while but then stops. My keyboard doesnt even light up which indicates my pc isnt booting. I dont get to the window screen nor to the logo of my motherboard.

I tried plugging in my old nvidia gt730 and my pc boots with it.

I already tried updating to latest amd drivers via easy driver, didnt do anything, still the same issue. I also uninstalled the amd drivers. I am now on basic display driver. Yet when i try to plug back my rx570, my pc still wont booth.

I have no other pc to test if my rx570 works with other setup. So I'm no sure if my rx570 is dead at this point.

mobo: gigabyte b450m d3sh
cpu: ryzen 5 2600
graphic card: asrock rx570 fgb
ram: 2x Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB
psu: Thermaltake Smart RGB 600w
hdd: seagate video 3.5hdd 500gb
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