Question How do i make my laptop emit signal while in sleep mode?


Mar 15, 2022
Hello. I'm using my laptop as a router to emit signal, so i can connect 8 more devices. The built-in router my laptop has is 802.11ac.

My question is, is there a way to make my laptop still emit signal even when the laptop is in sleep mode? Currently, the devices receive internet connection (from the laptop's built-in router) only when the laptop is turned on, but not when the laptop is in sleep mode.

I want the devices to have Wi-Fi connection even when the laptop is in sleep mode.
Your main problem is your statement.
"from the laptop's built-in router"

There is no laptop that I know of that has a actual router in the device. They are using software on the machine to emulate a router. This means the cpu/memory etc must be actually running and processing the data.
Even if there was some special setting that would leave the wifi radio powered when the laptop was in sleep mode it would not work because it still needs the cpu to do the routing function.

Not sure why you do this because it limit how you use the laptop even when it is not in sleep mode. You have to be very careful about running application that use a lot of cpu or it will disrupt the traffic to the devices that are connected via wifi.

This is kind of why routers exist. Most routers are very low power usage and tend to perform better than a laptop pretending to be a router.