Question how do i make web pages load faster


Feb 2, 2016
how can i get faster web browsing? I have a work where we get our shifts online. The shifts are a first come first serve. the way the shifts work is that everyday, at 3 PM, shifts will be posted and whoever clicked on it first will get the shift. lately i have been very unlucky and have not been able to constantly get shifts due to very slow load times when i click on the shifts. it would someones be stuck loading for 1 or 2 minutes and i lucked out on the money.
I have a pretty good computer with the following specs
I7 7600k
32 gb 3000 mhz ram
1 tb hdd
750w power supply
no graphics card

I also have COX gigablast internet with speeds up to 900mbps download, and 30 mpbs upload i used multiple speed tests, a wired connection, and nobody in the household is using the wifi
a 7600K with a fast internet should be quite snappy on accessing/downloading web pages, short of having an atrociously slow router, and/or 5 folks in the home trying to watch 1080P videos at one time....

you might also make sure you are malware free...

Try a Linux Mint Live CD (or even Hiren's WIn10) running off of USB.....if it is fast, the problem might be your OS or computer has something 'amiss'...

However, not all webpages will respond as quickly....; who knows what website host is hosting your jobsite's shift sheduling roster, or, if it's someone's desktop running ILS on a slow ISDN line with 20 people trying to access it........; might be nothing you can do if my-slow-company .com is slow, but yet google and microsoft's website is fast.... or should come up pretty darn quickly no matter where you are...if you have 900 Mbps download! (Mine is only 750-800, but, it is consistent, and, I have a fast router)

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