[SOLVED] How do i merge partitions without breaking system functionality


Feb 4, 2013
Hi everybody,

I have a new SSD drive that i cloned from the old one. The old system SSD (128 GB, Windows 7) had 2 partitions: hidden, restricted 100 MB (system, primary) and the main one with Win7.
After cloning this disk to new SSD (500 GB) i have 3 partitions:
  • hidden / restricted - 100 MB
  • Win7 - 120 GB
  • Unallocated - 347 GB
The last one is not visable in Windows. How do i merge Win7 and Unallocated to one partition without damaging the system?

I cloned another drive (HDD's from smaller to bigger one) as well and when i merged data partition with an empty partition EaseUS put all my data into one folder. So if something like that happens again i'll have all my system data in a folder and i assume it won't boot / start up then.

Anyone can help?
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Open up disk manager from windows and just extend the win7 partition to cover all of the free space.
Merging is a different thing and it can cause issues, extending doesn't change anything other than the space on the partition.