Question How do I narrow down cause for Packet Loss?

Oct 15, 2021
So recently I noticed I was loosing packets in just about everything. Streaming shows over WiFi i would get alot of buffering, playing games like Valorant and FF14. In valorant id get 5%-20% packet loss and FF14 i get random short disconnects. I ping google 10 times and usually get about 10-30% packet loss. I bypassed the router and hardwired from modem to PC and same thing. I pinged my Modem but didnt loose any packets there. I dont know if the modem is faulty or if its beyond that. Im not quite sure where to go from here as im not very Network savvy so any insight or tips would be appreciated! Thank you!

EDIT: here is a pingplotter Pingplot
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There is a tiny change it is the modem but it is more likely something wrong with the cabling to your house. It could be inside so try to hook the modem up as close to where the cable comes in as you can. It is not likely this is the problem but the ISP will always attempt to blame it so if you can eliminate it you are a step ahead of the script the level 1 tech is following.

The ISP will have to come out and check the line to your house. It can be as simple as loose connection or some water in connection. No way to say the ISP has equipment designed to find this. With packet loss as high as you see the ISP should be able to run their tests from the office and confirm it before they schedule someone to come out.
Have you tried to connect other devices to te same network - and do other devices suffer from packet loss as well ?

I ask because it's always a nice thing to rule out problems with computer before one confronting the ISP.

[edit] just add: no matter how minuscule the odds are that there is the computer - but it's like I said, just a nice piece of information to have in addition.