Question How do I overclock AMD A10-7850K

Mar 19, 2019
How do I over clock this build:

It’s a complete cooler master cyber power Armada gt

8gb ddr3 ram
AMD A10-7850
Radeon R7 intergrated graphics
120gb Kingston uv400 ssd
2tb seagate barracuda hdd
ASUS A58M-E motherboard
The case is coolermaster cyberpower
Not sure about psu just coolermaster 500w
And I just want to overclock it to improve the performance as much as possible
Jan 14, 2019
There are two ways to overclock a microprocessor.
First method (risky):
Turn on the computer and repeatedly press a button when the computer boot to enter the BIOS/UEFI (the button depends on the motherboard). Carefully go through the settings. I think the voltage (V) of electricity going into the microprocessor must be increased a little at a time. Then quit BIOS and maybe do some benchmark tests to see if the computer is stable. A lot of YouTube videos do show people how to overclock so I recommend checking those videos. This method is very risky and can fry a microprocessor into a burning husk of its former self. I do not recommend beginners to do this.
Second method (safer):

There is a software called AMD OverDrive™ technology that can be downloaded for free. Use AMD OverDrive™ to maybe disable Turbo and maybe increase the voltage a little at a time. Then maybe do some benchmark tests to see if the computer is stable. This method is still risky and can destroy a microprocessor. It will be useful to read more about overclocking (especially for that specific microprocessor) online to see how other people successfully do it.

One useful video:
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