how do I overclock X2 4400+ (939s)?


Mar 27, 2007
I want to see if I can overclock my CPU (x2 4400+ 939S). Problem is, I have a generic, factory mobo from emachines (T6534 model) and no BIOS options to do this. Any recommendations on how I can accomplish?


Jun 14, 2006
While there might be a way to do this(pin modding). It's not really a good idea, better to wait till you can build something else.

Ugh... emachines, the horror, the horror!


Don't attempt a pin mod on that 939 4400+. Without BIOS options, there is no practical way to overclock that CPU. You might try getting a good mobo, which will come with a BIOS that you can work with. ASUS and Gigabyte both make some decent mobos, but its getting harder to find them. What you're running into is a reason that most enthusiasts avoid emachines, HPs, and other cheap, low performance computers.

About the only thing you might do to help the situation is to add some ram. Most emachines that I've seen only come with 512 ram. Raising the ram to 2 gig will speed up the computer by not having it use virtual ram on the hard drive. You might also be able to get a better video card, but I'm not sure if your machine uses a PCI card, AGP card, or a PCIe card.