How do I play xbox on my LCD?


Jul 2, 2004
Hi guys i was just wondering if someone could help me out. I wanna set up my xbox and cable TV to my computer so that i can play xbox and watch tv thru my lcd. Is there any way to do this and what should i buy to make it possible? All help is appreciated!


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If your Cable TV is analog/unscramble (ie, you can tune it with a modern TV or VCR), all you would do is connect it to a TV card. Better TV cards come with both Composite and S-Video inputs. Most rely on the soundcard for sound input using the Composite or S-Video connector.

If you have to use a cable box due to a scrambled analog signal or digital cable, you don't need a TV-Card with a tuner...there used to be video input cards, mostly used for video conferencing, that were basically TV cards with the tuner removed. You'd input the video FROM S-Video or Composite Video on the cable box, and you'd input the X-Box TO the cable box as a pass-through.

<A HREF="" target="_new"></A> has inexpensive, full featured TV cards.

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What's an Xbox?

And where would I put the tv/video card in one? :eek:

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