Question How do I prevent my SSD from booting into "old" Windows on my new motherboard's first boot?


Jun 30, 2011
Ok, I couldn't think of a good way to frame the question but my situation is as follows: in a few days, I am moving all my current hardware to a new motherboard. I currently have Windows 10 installed on a Samsung SSD which will be used on the new board as well. When I switch everything over, I want to reinstall Windows 10 and start from scratch.

How can I prevent my new motherboard from booting into the "old" Windows install I'm using on the current, soon-to-be-replaced motherboard? Will this cause problems if it does boot into the OS on the new board?

Is there a way I can completely wipe the drive so it's "fresh" when I install it with the new motherboard? (Like a factory "reset" kinda thing?)

I have a Windows 10 USB drive that I will use to install the OS. Will the new motherboard's BIOS give the USB boot priority first over the Windows SSD and boot into that so I can wipe the drive during install and go from there? I'm just kinda paranoid that a boot into the "old" OS will hurt something component/driver-based on the new board.

Anyway, thanks for whatever insight you can give.


After you copy all your data and are ready to wipe the SSD, your motherboard may have a tool section that allows you to do a secure erase. Just run that on the OS drive and it will be completely new.

Have your Windows key recorded somewhere or open the MS account to keep it for you.