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how do i recover data first, laptop says windows is missing or corrupt at startup. I know how to reset but loose data.


Dec 31, 2013
My acer aspire one ZG5 was working fine for years. I uploaded all pics off my memory card from Xmas Eve & Day because my memory card was full. Next day, I turn it on, and it says windows is missing or corrupt and will not start up. I know how to do the factory reset, but I need to get my pics off first. These are priceless of my kids. This laptop has no CD drive so I cant do that, or get to system restore to reset it to a certain time. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! thank you


you don't say what OS.. (Oh yes.. XP)
when it reports no OS.. does it give you any other options?
Try pressing F8 as it tries to boot.. see if it gives to the extended boot options. .
Then you can try and tart it in safe more.. or in recovery mode... or boot with last known good config..
Or use a recovery disk?
Or just go to your backup? because of course.. if the files are so important - you would not be stupid enough to not have a backup.. would you?

Anyway - HTH