[SOLVED] How do I recover my windows 10 license from my drive?

chris h the guy

Feb 14, 2019
So, recently my computer's HDD had been corrupted and I cannot boot off of it because the power had been cut while the computer was going to sleep.
This was a part of a Dell XPS 8900, which had Windows 10 Pro Edition installed on the HDD. Is it possible to repair the HDD so that I could use the windows 10 license and maybe migrate the license to my SSD? Or, could I possibly install a copy of windows without a license and activate it through my Microsoft account?

However, I have changed almost everything in my computer since I decided to clean out my computer case and the motherboard got damaged in the process due to my carelessness, and I put together another computer using spare parts I had lying around, with absolutely nothing similar to my last one.

I have no windows key though since this HDD was a part of a prebuilt computer.
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