Oct 3, 2010
when i was deleting stuff on my computer for some room for other programs i found tht i acciedently deleted my graphics card so i could not paly any graphics card games and now my brother is mad becuase he cant play his so called "star wars journey". ive looked all over and no one wants to let me dowload a new graphics card data :cry: :cry: :fou: can somone please help :cry: :cry: :cry:


Apr 21, 2010
Or you could even go start--> control panel--> Hardware and sound-->device manager--> display adapters(click on if anything comes up when you click on display adapters)--> driver-->(make sure it is enabled, if not click enable) then, update driver--> search autimaticaly for updated driver software. Another thing you could do is back up to Hardware and sound and scroll down to see if there is anything that says NVIDIA control panel. If none of this works, then you have a serious problem. :eek:
If the graphics is completely uninstalled, it may not show up in those places. If you have a video card, you may need to remove it, and find the model. If you don't have a video card, and it's using onboard video, you'll need to find out the model of the motherboard.