How do i remove users from my network listed on my DOS command prompt netstat


Mar 18, 2012
I have Viper Virus protection which I update almost daily. I am having problems with my laptop running slow and thought that I would check into ADware protection. I was questioning a prospective provider on the compatability of the software. He looked at my laptop through Logmein and said that I had users on network and that was slowing it down. I have 6gig ram. He checked my command prompt and input (netstat ) at that point 15 IP addresses listed. Some were time wait and some were established.

I would like to know how I may remove these users. How did they get there? I want to be able to lock out all users IP addresses or have a way for them to get permission to log on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Try running "netstat -b" you will need an admin command prompt to run it, but you will be able to tell what program has the connection open.

Mostly likely they will all point to your web browser, or other programs that are easy to identify.

It's probably something else that is slowing down your machine, try opening resource monitor and check the disk/cpu/mem tabs to see if anything stands out. You could also look at msconfig and see if you could disable any startup programs that you don't want, but make sure you understand what you are unchecking before making any changes there.