Question How do I reset all of bios when clear Cmos doesn't do it?

Dec 13, 2019
I have the following specs:
-Ryzen 5 3600
  • Gigabyte 450b elite gaming
  • gtx 1060 6gb
  • 3200MHz DDR4 ram
My problem is that I have a mobo that won't boot, I can't get it to boot anything on the screen. I have the same issue with another mobo just like this, which I had to RMA. I don't want to go through the RMA again, and I now know more about the problem.

I have been able to get a stabile 4.2GHz overclock on my system but every time I turned off my pc the 4.2 GHz OC would get reset. I got tired of it resetting... I don't want to go into bios and set it to 4.2GHz everytime I have to turn on the pc.

I then tried another way of OC in the bios, there is a part called "AMD overclocking" in the 'peripherals' section of the bios. I tried to set it to what I had done before... CPU frequency to 42 and CPU voltage to 1325. This is my problem now! I don't boot on these setting and I did set my CPU clock ratio to auto and the Cvoltage from +0.274V to auto.

I got a bit frustrated because I was the same that happened to the mobo I send RMA. I have tried to unplug my power from the pc, then take out the battery for 30 sec. Then I tried taking the battery out for 30 sec and shorten the pins to clear Cmos. Then I tried taking the battery out for 10 min. Nothing works! I get a VGA light on the mobo and it doesn't get an output on the screen, note that I know for sure that it's not my GPU. Please help, is there anything I can do to clear those setting in the amd overclocking section, when clearing cmos doens't work?