how do i revert back to xp from vista


Jan 8, 2008
i want to revert back to windows xp pro from vista home basic . vista home basic is my original operating system . i have tried a bunch of different things and nothing so far has worked . when i put in the xp disk it goes to a blue screen and says to prevent damage to your system the installation will not continue . it also says if a driver is in question try starting in safe mode or try switching video adapters and to disable shadowing and caching . i don't know what driver would be in question and i don't know how to switch video adapters . i tried disabling shadowing and caching and that didn't work . i also tried using a program that completely wipes your hard drive clean and tried installing xp fresh and that didn't work either . any suggestions please ? all comments are welecomed . thanks !!!
You need to do a fresh install.

1. Go into your BIOS to make sure it will allow you to boot from the CD/DVD drive.

2. Insert your Windows XP Pro CD and when prompted, press a key to boot from the CD/DVD drive.

3. Follow the step to format, then install Windows XP Pro.

4. Don't know how fast your CPU is, but it should not take more than 50 minutes to install Windows XP Pro.


Jan 9, 2007
Trashy disk? You will need to try a 'backup" copy of xp, scratched disks do this.

Too about 35 minutes on a semperon 1.8ghz, sata hdd and decent dvd drive.


May 31, 2004
If you have already zero written the drive and tried to do a fresh install, which is what it sounds like, then maybe you have your drive set for AHCI in the BIOS. If so, you need to load the drivers with a floppy or thumb drive or set the drive for IDE emulation, which works just as well for most purposes.