Question how do i set adaptive voltage correctly?


Sep 14, 2016
hi. i have an asus z370 pII motherboard with i5 9600k and 16gb ddr4 3200mhz with xmp on.
on autovoltage/default settings from bios hwinfo reports vcore of 1.28-1.3V while in games and up to 1-33-1.36V while running stress tests like prime95 and occt5,these autovoltages seems higher as most people OV/OC with these values

i've tried setting an 1.25V adaptive voltage from the bios with ia dc and ac loadline to 0.1 and all cores sync and ran at 4.6ghz(as this guide suggests ) . after running stress tests for 3 minutes it crashes.

hwinfo during this time shows the vcore running at 1.2V and not 1.25v which i have set
if i set an adaptive voltage of 1.2 and clock multipliers left on default which is 4.3ghz boost on all clock it still crashes ,during stress tests hwinfo reports vcore running at 1.088v during the stress tests.
so it appears that vcore doesn't listen to the adaptive voltage set in bios and rans lower than that. any ideas of why this is occuring?

if voltage is set to manual at 1.15V it runs without crashes in stress tests hwinfo reports vcore max 1.168V (not 1.15v as set) it rans occt5 and prime95 without any bluescreens/ resets. i could just use manual voltage as it seems it works the best out all these options but i do not want the cpu to run at that voltage all the time like when idle or casual web browsing

edit : prior to editing bios settings tried running intel xtu and manage to run an core voltage offset of -0.145V (hw info reports 1.152V during stress tests) stress tests like occt5 and prime95 runs without crashing with much lower temps/power consumption than stock voltage. but after the stress tests end and i do casual web browsing it crashes, as i think there are some problems with idle voltages beeing to low
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