Question How do I set my CPU to run at a higher ram frequency?


Aug 17, 2016
Hello, I am working on my first build. I bought 3200 ram but dident realize my intel i7 9700K only supported 2666, my mobo (Z390M) supports 3200OC. Ive heard some users say that enabling the XMP profile in the mobo would allow the ram to run at its factory frequency. However does the CPU also have to be manually overclocked or will setting the XMP profile on the motherboard automatically adjust the CPU as well to run with the 3200 RAM?
2666 is the max speed that the motherboard will use to get into the bios.
All ram will have a low default speed to allow you to get into the bios.
Once in the bios, you can set the ram to run at 3200 speed.

XMP is a list of settings imbedded in a profile in the ram. There may be more than one xmp setting with different timings.
This is what the ram maker thinks are the right parameters.

The easy way to set up for faster ram is to specify in the bios one of the xmp profiles.
As an alternative, you can specify the settings yourself for speed, voltage and timing numbers.

In theory, fastest ram speed should have no impact on overclocking.
I have found this to not necessarily be true.
You may be able to get a higher OC with a lower ram speed.