Question How do I setup my home mesh wifi network?

Oct 3, 2023

I will be getting 1 gigabit internet in about a month and I wanted the house to have WIFI everywhere.

I have never done anything like this in the past but I did a bit of research and I need someone who knows a bit more to help me out.

My ISP gave me the G21 ONT which will be plugged into my ISPs Innbox V80 I also bough a 8 port 1 gbit switch and a 3 pack of the Deco X20 to cover my whole home. My issue is that I'm not sure how to connect everything.

From tp-links website I managed to find the following links to help me out

I want to do ethernet backhaul since there are already CAT6 cables around the whole house and I want the max speed I can get.

My first solution is the following ONT -> V80 (which will have to be in bridge mode???) -> main deco x20 -> switch -> the other 2 decos and other devices.

I assume I will have to turn off the V80s wifi so I will only have 1 access point? or should I just put the SSID and password the same as my current one?

My second solution is ONT -> main deco x20 -> switch -> the other 2 decos and other devices but I'm not sure it will work since the only way I saw this setup being used is with Singtels ONT.


Can someone confirm which option I should choose or if I'm completely wrong can someone suggest the right way to setup my network?

Thank you in advance!
Does the ISP require you to use the v80 box. It would be simpler to just plug the deco into the ONT. The V80 is kinda a strange device but since you are getting gigabit internet you won't be using the DSL features.

Putting the v80 box into bridge mode is basically making it into a switch so it does nothing really anyway. It should disable the wifi by default when your put it in bridge mode.

Other than that you hook your deco stuff up like you indicate. Make sure you run the remote deco units as AP and not repeaters. Since you don't need a radio signal back to the main router you want that feature disabled so it does not interfere with the signal being send to the end devices.

You could have just used 3 routers rather than pay extra for mesh systems when you are going to use ethernet cables. I guess for the extra cost you get slightly easier setup.
Oct 3, 2023
I'm not sure if you're US based and if this is Amazon targeted but I'm seeing this X55 pack on sale for same price as the X20 pack you're looking at: *shortened url removed by moderator*. About how to set these up, like someone above mentioned, you may don't need to keep your ISP router. If you can get rid of your router then using just the Deco set works just fine. Otherwise there are 2 options here:

1. ONT > old router (in bridge mode with DHCP + Wifi off) > 3 Decos in Router mode
The reason why you don't want both old router and Deco in router mode is you don't want double NAT. Regarding question about keeping Wifi off or on with old router, reason you want to keep it off is because when old router and Deco both broadcasting same SSID for example, they are basically 2 different things here. Let's say when you stand next to both Deco and old router, your device will decide on its own which 'network' it wants to be on, you cannot see it but you may experience slight delay when your device is hopping between old router and Deco network. Therefore, if you keep only Deco broadcasting wifi signal, with roaming feature of mesh technology, in theory your devices will roam seamlessly between those Deco units.

2. ONT > old router (fully function) > 3 Deco running in AP mode
This basically set Deco working as AP only and there will not be other features like QoS, parental control if I remember correctly.

For me, I just simply remove ISP router then ONT > main Deco > dumb switch > 2 satellite Deco (there might be some configure you need to do to replace ISP router so do a quick Google search to check)
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