Question How do I setup SSID bandwidth control on ZXHN H108N v2.5?

Sep 22, 2020
I'm not sure how to set up this router, it's too complicated for me since I'm not tech savvy .

I only have a 10Mbps network speed and I want to limit the speed of each SSID so the relatives in my house that are hogging the internet can't use it at full speed and it's for my online classes as well.


SSID 1 would have only about 500Kbps download and 50Kbps upload.


SSID 2 would have access to the full speed.
This function is called QoS and it is actually one of the most advanced concepts in networking there is. In addition all routers seem to implement it differently so you have to learn the concepts and then the particular router configuration.

I doubt it can be done by SSID. Most consumer routers at best will allow you to limit by mac or ip address of the end device.

Without reading the manual I can't say what your router can/can't do. You actually need a fairly advanced form of QoS on your router. The vast majority of routers have a extremely basic form of QoS that is almost worthless. First they can only limit the upload rates and most people have issue with download over utilization. Next they do stupid stuff like put data into queue called "high.medium,low" with no ability to say what that even means.

I can't think of a easy way to do this. In some ways it maybe easier to change the password or something to prevent other devices accessing. 500k is close to unusable. Web pages will load extremely slow and any form of video be unusable. The stupid advertising in many web pages will constantly try to update making a connection on 500k unusable.
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