Mar 15, 2006
Please forgive the rather vague title, as I'm at work and have limited time to type.
Basically, me and my girlfriend have been arguing over the past few weeks about wether having more than one user logged onto Windows at the same time uses more power.
Having more than one user logged on at the same time will require more resources, obviously, so that means there will be a greater need for power, correct?
She asked her dad about it, he said "It doesn't" and because he did an engineering degree 20-30 years ago when having more than one user logged on had never been heard of. she belives him. Strange girl.
Anyway, please, can someone settle this dispute once and for all?

Does having more than one user logged on at the same time use more Power?
Not unless you have software actively running on both accounts. For instance, if you run a game and then switch over to the other account to run something else... then potentially you MIGHT use more power... but it's unlikely.

You'll never draw more power than the maximum the hardware uses... no matter how many users are logged on. You might use more in the sense that the computer isn't necessarily sitting idle when multiple accounts are logged on... but that would be about it.