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Oct 27, 2009
I signed in and it keeps taking me to Face Book; I don't want to go to face book, I don't even like face book. face book is some kind of a social something site. I have an account and I don't even use it.
As an aside regarding SOPA/PIPA, I talked personally with the CEO's office at Comcast in Philly and them later with the local Executive Escalation officer here in Porltand about the company's position on SOPA/PIPA because Craigslist is smearing them on their site, and as it turns out Craigslist is lying. I'm hoping Comcast sues Craigslist for this. I would have closed my account with Xfinity/Comcast if that was their position. I'm a martyr. I was raised in the S.F. Bay Area and I also served twenty-six years in the Federal Prison System because I was making huge amounts of money and wouldn't RAT on my friends; something novel in this country today.

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