Question How do i solve this issue? Any game i play ( all offline) turns out to be too laggy to play! I wont mind any suggestions whether its hardware or sof


You're better off using Vega 11 graphics your cpu has to offer, it is a fair bit better than the GT710. Though, Vega 11 graphic's performance (and also cpu as a whole) depends on memory speed and also enhanced further with two memory sticks in dual channel mode. What is your ram?

Suggestion, grab a kit of 2x 8GB Gskill CL14 3000 ram and remove your graphics card and use the motherboard's video port to use Vega 11, 2400G's integrated graphics.

If still not satisfied with performance then buy a faster graphics card. Depending on your needs (games), budget and power supply, a 1660Ti might be a consideration.

Whats the make and model of your power supply?