[SOLVED] How do I start my computer at password screen (I want to skip add screen at start)


Feb 13, 2014
Watch the, now edited, "colorful" language, please. Thank you.
I need to start this question by stating that I despise windows 10, until a few minutes ago I was still using windows 7, however I need to start using windows 10 in order to install some stuff that I want. So far I have changed a lot of stuff windows 10 has, removing stupid <<Edited for content>> that I don't need like cortana and Microsoft store. I hate windows 10 so much, to me is very counter intuitive with a horrible UI. Why the hell do they set fast start up as default? I'm very frustrated. I need and I want to start my windows without having to look at that stupid screen that says that I use Microsoft store and that <<Edited for content>> location background that is basically an add. (I'm going to change the volume control back to vertical after this, I hate it so much ),

I don't want to click one more time or having to press something in my keyboard to put my password. So how do I start my windows with the password screen?
if there is already a link with a tutorial could someone please post it here.

it's like they think we are using <<Edited for content>> tablet or a phone, I hate it so much.

Thanks for your reply in advance.
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