How do I switch heatsinks on my p4?




I am going to switch from my current air cooling system to the Thermaltake BigWater water cooling kit. But I want to keep my current p4 processor. I am worried that if I just put the new waterblock on the processor (which still has thermalpaste on it), the heat transfer would be diminished.

Should i just put more thermal paste on top of the current layer, or should i take it off somehow?



You can use isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol, or wood grain alcohol) goof-off or any high grade solvent that leaves no residue. Most people use the alcohol because it's cheap and can be bought ar most drug stores. 70% is good, higher is better, but most solutions work fine.


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I just rub the stuff off with a cloth towel. When it looks clean, the residue is so thin it doesn't matter.

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Would a P4 2.6c benifit from watercooling in overclocking? Mine wont reach past 3.125ghz no matter what voltage (1.7v), but thats with stock cooling (intel aluminium cooler with no copper base or anything).


thanks for the answers!

Nice to see that Crashman and the others r still here! wow! You guys have been here for ages!

I think i'll go with endyen's advice and use the rubbing alcohol.

Thanks again!!