How do I tell if my Mobo is dead?

Jan 8, 2019
About a year and a half ago I built my own gaming pc since I wanted to minimise cost while still having decent performance. A few days ago my pc started freezing a few seconds to a minute after starting up. I thought it was an issue with windows since the bios worked fine. None of the troubleshooting options worked and the system told me a device couldnt be accesed. I assumed it must be a problem with my hardware then. I noticed some people said unplugging your harddrives and then plugging them in again fixed the problem for them. I unplugged my ssd and immediately realised the psu was still on. I turned it of, plugged the cables back in and tried turning on my pc. The mobo lights turned on but nothing happened. I'm afraid I damaged the mobo, but as you can probably tell my knowledge of pcs is quite poor so I really need some help before I damage my pc further.