Question How do i upgrade my gpu properly?


May 24, 2020
Im currently using gtx 560 and tomorrow im getting gtx 1650 super and i wondering if someone could remind me how to use ddu and what else should i do apart from drivers
You don't need to use DDU to upgrade.

While I suspect it's the case and haven't confirmed this, one of the major problems of swapping around video card drivers is keeping the computer connected to the internet. Doing this will allow Windows to come in with some version of the driver that you don't intend on using, which can cause headaches. This includes if you use DDU.

In any case, here's what I recommend doing:
  • Download the drivers. I recommend from here:
    • Note you need to get the DCH drivers, as NVIDIA seemed to have stopped providing Standard drivers since December 2021.
  • Unplug the computer from the internet
  • Uninstall the NVIDIA drivers in Control Panel -> Programs and Features. Remove the display drivers last.
  • If you are using NVIDIA Control Panel obtained from the Microsoft Store, uninstall that.
  • If you have Fast Boot enabled, restart the computer, then shut it down. Otherwise you can shut it down.
  • Swap the video cards
  • Once you're back in, Windows will be using a basic display driver. Install the drivers.
  • Plug the computer back in the internet
  • You may have to get the NVIDIA Control Panel from the Microsoft Store again.