[SOLVED] how do I use a Flash drive to back up doc's folder

Sep 21, 2019
I am new to PC"s waited 86 years to buy the first one appreciate some help
I want to make a backup of my document folder which I only want to backup those latest document files that have not been backed up since when I previously made a backup 3 months ago,
So when I put in the flash device the Flash USB device is located in the G;/drive external USB drive
But each time when I try to copy those newer files, the result is I am making copies of those documents within the "my documents" windows folder itself and not to the Flash Drive device so I getting copies of copies within the folder,
I don't know how to get this to do where I need to back it up to it's totally confusing to me why are they both listed as G drive and what is the docs folder then ????????? after I highlight the whole folder there is a move to and copy to option I have been choosing copy because I am afraid the more choice to will remove all the contents from the documents folder and install it on the Flash drive device and don't want to take that risk
the message was I am backing up after I finish is G drive to G drive , so how do I overcome that ? don't know what do
please help thank you
Have you tried opening another window for the flash drive, so you copy from one window and paste to another?

As it is, it sounds like you're copy and pasting to the same location. I could be wrong, but it's an explanation for the behaviour you describe.


Another option for you is to install Microsoft's SyncToy and create a pairing. Set the source Doc folder on the left, Flash drive on the right, set sync to copy only new or updated files and let it run. Save the SyncPair for running again later.

As USAFRet mentioned, if this is your only backup then at least get another flashdrive to create a 2nd backup copy. A fresh flashdrive would also be a perfect way to get used to SyncToy and make sure you have things set just right.
If signed into an MS account (as indicated by an actual email address logon, normally), and with free One Drive installed/activated, the Documents folder already backed up/replicated online anyway, subject to MS's free One Drive size limitations. (2 GB, maybe? that is a fair amount of docs and even photos for most folks)

You can also back things up to Google Drive/Backup and Sync, P-CLoud, and DropBox, all with free accounts.

An external USB hard drive (Toshiba, WD) of 4-5 TB may be had for as little as $99 these days on sale)