[SOLVED] How Do I Use Intel Integrated Graphics And Dedicated Graphic Card Together?

Jacob 51

Dec 31, 2020
I have an intel core 2 duo with G33/G31 chipset family express chip. I want to use the integrated graphics for my older games, which do not support my graphics card. When I installed the dedicated graphics card, I had to uninstall the integrated graphics driver from device manager. So now when I try to reinstall the driver for the integrated graphics, it shows a black screen on boot, after the windows logo. Then I have to uninstall the integrated graphics driver and it works fine. Is there a way to make them both work together? I've seen people use dedicated and integrated graphics at the same time without problems.

My Rig:
Motherboard: DG31PR
Processor: Core 2 Duo e4600 2.4Ghz
Graphics Card: GT 710 2GB DDR3
RAM: 4 Gb DDR2