[SOLVED] How do I view and access my gamepass library on MS store?


Apr 11, 2019
What I'm actually looking at here? Why everything Microsoft creates or updates lies in the trash bin? I just got a PC gamepass and ı do want to view my games, there is library on new MS Store GUI clicked there, took like good 3mins to open, but nope it shows the updates available on candy crush and nothing else. I clicked on the ad like button on main homepage of the store, thinking it will lead me to the gamepass library but nope it actually redirected me to gamepass purchase page which I already own and not I'm looking at. I clicked the "view all" button on every single possible category and it leaded me to also included free trash games list. I do want to view MY ONLY library that I purchased, not free games not movies and certainly not social media applications.

Why Microsoft are so bad at designing things these days? I just want to view my full library of games subscription ı purchased, is it too much to ask for? I did asked this on ms forums and they removed my thread just in minutes.