Question How do I Wire My New Home Network?


Dec 19, 2016
We are in the process of buying a new home. I’m going to configure our Internet which is provided by Spectrum. I have already gotten a their default modem (not the router component though). The package I have signed up four claims to offer 200 megabits per second.
I have scoped out where the wiring enters the home from the cable box outside. The problem is I do not know where the terminal ends on the other of the Coax wire. The cabling does not run up the side of the house but through the floor.

I know none of you are here to diagnose the problem without actually seeing that but my question is, however, there a standard location typically where the connection ends up in a home? I do not see any outlets that would accommodate Coax hook up. Any ideas?

As far as network hookups, I see cat 5 ports in a couple of rooms. I can connect a mesh network to get to all of the rooms but if I can leverage Ethernet wiring I would like to take advantage of that. Is the cat five wiring in a home bidirectional or do I need to look for where the point of origin?

Thanks in advance.