How do install windows xp on emachines laptop with disk



i am trying to install windows xp on my laptop i have been trying for ages now and that well when i put the disk in the setup pops up but it wont let me click on the installation and my laptop runs on windows 7 can anyone help me ??????????

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Downgrading to XP is a bad idea unless you have to.

It's less secure.

Microsoft will end all support for XP in early 2014 and you will have to upgrade back to Windows 7 or 8 then anyway unless you like living without security updates.

Windows 7 is more stable and a better overall operating system.

A laptop that came with Windows 7 may not have drivers for XP available. Make sure that you will have drivers before you do anything. XP does not just "work" like Windows 7 does. You will still have to go on a driver hunt.

If you really MUST downgrade to XP:

Go in BIOS and change the boot order to DVD/CD drive first.

Insert the XP disk and follow the directions.


Dec 9, 2011
If all you want is a fresh system, and your laptop originally came with Windows 7, it might have a built-in recovery feature (a hidden partition with the default system image on it).

For the instructions on how to apply it, look for the word "recovery" in the User Guide. (Or you can tell us the model, maybe we can look it up faster for you.)