Question How do we get Tom's Hardware to Address EVGA's 3080 Ti XC3 Card Issue that EVGA Ignores?


EVGA has a serious issue with their RTX 3080 Ti XC3 cards and EVGA is ignoring the issue. Can we get Tom's Hardware to call EVGA out on this issue?
I'm not in charge but I would think that is not going to happen unless they actually received a card to test and had problems.

EDIT Got tired of reading the same crap on your EVGA forums post as nobody responded but one person that had the card and his results were different.

Kombuster 4k fullscreen = max watts 347 in hwinfo64 though on afterburner I saw it go up to 353. Clock was 1740/1755

It's possible you just got a bad card it happens so don't
expect anything.

You even stated in the post that you bought a new PSU and the results were better but never said how much better.
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